A World of Warcraft addon to manage macros and keybinds.


Type /smackk in game to get started.

Note: this addon is half-assed in pre-alpha.



Added an option to display only macros that are not key bound yet
Spells, items and mounts can now be dragged directly into the macro list to quickly turn them into new macros
Added Way command (which simply invokes /way)
Auto completion is much less annoying in the editor
Many fixes, in particular in the editor


Fixed to work on the 10.0 PTR and therefore probably on live, rather than on the beta
(blizzard can't seem to make up their mind about how /click should work and it's been a recurring joke for a few builds now)


Initial support for the dragon expansion (ie it just works as "well" as before, no new features yet)
Various UI fixes
Burning Crusade support removed


Burning Crusade Classic support
Added missing Mainhand and OffHand slot literals for UseEquippedItem
Fixed rare crash in the macro compiler
Fixed uncorrect lua code generation in some cases


Initial release

All your macros, for all your characters, in one place.

Smack lets you organize all your macros in a single place for all the classes and specs that you play, using tags to categorize them as you want. You can have class specific, specialization specific, and general purpose macros.

A powerful, easy to understand language.

Forget the obtuse syntax of wow’s regular macros. Smack lets you write macros in a simple structured language, with advanced conditionals and features such as loops.

Autocompletion and the integrated documentation will get you up to speed quickly. And of course, thanks to the marvels of modern computer technology, there is no size limit!

A clean and efficient user interface.

Every aspect of the experience has been crafted and polished with uncompromising love. You can also drag and drop spells, items, and mounts directly into your macros.