Smack  Help: /docdir

The "/docdir" page:

Show the files and subdirectories within a single directory of the source tree. This works similarly to /dir but with the following differences:

  • Links to files go to /doc (showing the file content directly, depending on mimetype) rather than to /file (which always shows the file embedded in a standard Fossil page frame).
  • The submenu and the page title is now show. The page is plain.

The /docdir page is a shorthand for /dir with the "dx" query parameter.

Query parameters:

Show only files in this check-in. If omitted, the "trunk" directory is used.
Directory to display. Optional. Top-level if missing
Show only files matching REGEXP
Do not attempt to display the README file.
File links to go to /doc instead of /file or /finfo.